The past couple months here in Portland have gone better than I could have imagined. After only two weeks I met Joe Stump at Urban Airship . He gave me some very encouraging words, and some great advice on working in startups and the tech industry. Through him I met Matt Robenolt, who he worked with on Fortunatly for me, Matt saw potential in me and brought me on to help out at tixie. I’m amazed at how much I have been able to learn in such a short time. In Lynchburg I was building wordpress themes and geeking over CSS hacks until 2-3am nightly, and working full time as a mechanic. Now I’m contributing to open source projects and building my own web apps.

As much as I enjoyed working with my hands in shops, nothing compares to having a job where you literally learn something daily.

Really rad projects releasing fairly soon, promise.

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07 December 2012