After a 7 day drive from Lynchburg to Nashville, through Chicago, and Yellowstone. We finally arrived in Oregon!

After signing our lease and unloading the trailers, I headed to see Red Dons play in the back of Black Water Records. Wandered around a bit after google maps took me to an empty construction site, but I found the venue just in time for Red Dons to go on. They played a super energetic show with the singer, bassist, and guitarist continuously running/falling into the crowd. Picked up a couple cool records from A.P.P.L.E. Dios Mio, and Infest. Everyone I talked to was super friendly, which was refreshing coming from the east coast. Basically 90% of all the people I have encountered since being here have been super helpful.

This past week was about as equally rad as productive.

  • Saw Purity Ring

  • Visited a bunch of local startups

  • Saw Danny Brown

  • Fixed a lot of stuff with the back end of this blog

  • Got a bike

Also, bought a book on Rails 3, gunna spend some time this week doing tutorials. I am probably gunna be posting some of the process on here. As well as links to any code on my Github.


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10 September 2012